The Faces of Children at TFU

Trust Future Uganda runs a children development center where all the Orphan and vulnerable children attend school from and also serves as a tempolary accommodation for some children whose relatives we are still tracing.  For children whom we have managed to find a relative or family member they stay with them and daily come to the center for education and childhood development while some have been chosen by   Christian families which serve as their significant caretakers.

The main aim of this center is to promote and keep families together, solidifying communities and their members,  providing children with useful skills and a much safer surrounding to grow up in.

For years now, Trust Future Uganda children sponsors have wanted to know more about the children who make their home here, in extended family care and those staying with significant caretakers.


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Make their Future Brighter Today!

These gifts are meaningful to a child because most children here at Trust Future Uganda  have never received a gift of any kind. Many times we cannot even afford to buy a pair of new socks or underwear for the child. Your gift pack will make such a difference in their lives.

Boys’ Child Pack

Child Pack for a boy includes:

Socks, Underwer aToothbrush, Toothpaste,Soap, T-Shirt, Shorts, and a Toy Car.

Donation: $35

Girls’ Child Pack Child

Pack for a girl includes: Socks, Underwear, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Comb, Barrettes, Stickers, and a Dress

Donation: $35

If you have additional questions about sending a sponsored child a gift, please email us at

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