Empowering Destinies

HIV/AIDS awareness programs

We offer early childhood vaccinations, monitor the height and weight of each child.

Through our patners like Nurture Africa.

In the area of health, TFU has been running HIV/AIDS awareness programs as well as a number of counseling and testing (HCT) activities in cooperation with KIFAD and Nurture Africa. After identifying the cases we usually refer them to our partner organizations for care and treatment. Regular follow up is carried out to create hope among beneficiaries.Also, community health support is taken care of through awareness and sensitization. Currently a door to door sensitization has been going on. This focuses on small but efficient measures in everyday life to promote basic health, such as boiling drinking water, using the latrines well, family planning, proper and being faithfulness within relationships.

Mulnutrition Center

Helping young  mothers with milk for their Children

Malnutrition is the leading cause of death in children here in Uganda. Many children suffer from malnutrition, and as a result their hair turns red and brittle. Their little bodies either become bloated or emaciated and they often die before the age of five.

How you can Help

$8 sponsors 64 meals

$24 sponsors 248 meals

$168 sponsors 1796 meals

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