Women Empowerment

Equiping women with skill as a measure of breaking the poverty cycle.

The product outs of the project are craft shoes, wallets and craft bags, etc.

In mainstreaming gender, TFU has promoted income generating activities targeting women at home (especially women headed households) by bringing them together to initiate sustainable economic projects to support their families.

We empower marginalized women by training life skills to create more self-reliance. Uganda’s current population is abo ut 34 million people. It’s roughly evenly distributed between females and males. Irrespective of this kind of distribution, women groups constitute the most potentially marginalized human resource in the country due to various underlying factors. Women are the country’s reproductive group which needs to be carefully handled for greater productivity.

According to the 2010 population estimates, Nabweru had a population of 19,311 at a density of 109 people per square km. 80% of the residents are semi-illiterate, unemployed and many of them are women, especially young mothers. This population is confronted with several challenges like unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, marginalization, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence and hopelessness. A lack of empowerment tops this list. Most women come from poor backgrounds. As a consequence they are poorly educated and cannot be easily employed. This leads to unplanned marriages, illicit sex and menial jobs as ways to earn a living. Nevertheless women are industrial and have a strong will to do new things.


Since 2012 some women have been able to produce various products such as mats, lady’s hand bags, beads, craft shoes, envelopes and paper bags. These products have been instrumental in transforming their lives helping them pay school fees, medical fees, providing daily meals and clothing to their children. Though much has been achieved, there is still a need for more helping hands for this project to be more successful. By trying to maintain these programs we are facing challenges like a lack of materials to use during training, a ready market as well as the problem of paying trainers.

Youth Empowerment Program

Youth attending a bracelet  workshop.

Our Youth Skills Training Project was founded to address psychosocial and economic problems among young people in Nabweru and Wakiso District. YSTP is currently implementing its activities in Nabweru

•To promote sustainable development among the youth in the community

•To encourage the youth to initiate their own income generating activities

•Poverty alleviation among the youth

•Increase of income and employment among the youth in the community

•Change of mind set and promotion of self reliance

Through training sessions, young people are taught different skills in music, dance and drumming, carpentry, paper bag making, environment management, sewing, tailoring, knitting, hand craft training, computer training and plumbing. After their training, they are expected to be able to produce high quality products leading to an increase in gross domestic product and profitability. Secondly, they will be able to work in their village setting and be able to create jobs among themselves.

More youth have the desire to join the same activities but the capacity limits us. Most have expressed in their meetings that society leaders should link them to humanitarian organizations to intervene and direct them into some productive activities.

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