Trust Future Primary School

Trust Future Primary school was established and registered by Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports with registration number  PPS/T/63. It is both an academic and a developmental institution meant to address the needs of Orphan children to have a bright future. This is done in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports, our community, volunteers, sponsors and other non-governmental organizations to cause significant impact in helping our pupils.

A volunteer involving in teaching children how to read .

Since inception, Trust Future Uganda has made remarkable contribution in the education of children by supporting children in vulnerable situations to enroll in school and acquire basic education and skills. Orphans and vulnerable children from the surrounding communities as well as those rescued from street situations have been supported to enroll at Trust Future Primary School in Nabweru and further supported in secondary schools in the country. Beneficiary children are further provided with scholastic materials and other costs of education. Children with diverse talents in Music, dance and drama as well as sports are given an opportunity to exploit such talents for their future survival and livelihood.

weekly prayers where they learn how to thank God, to sing for him and to appreciate what they have got. We teach them the word of God.

The vision

is to provide high quality free education in Wakiso district to enable orphans and children from disadvantaged backgrounds to access education. This is to end illiteracy in the community and fully facilitate formal education, economic empowerment and to generate hope and confidence by reducing the unemployment rate.


-To nurture well behaving, socially, morally, spiritually and academically upright children/youth who will be involved in a positive change of our society.

-To establish a children/youth center to offer library, education and recreational services, secretarial services and computer training.

-To equip children and adolescents woth formal knowledge and skills needed to promote development.

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