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The Skills Developement Center

TFUSDC is a project under Trust Future Uganda (TFU). TFUSDC endeavors to reduce poverty and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS and malaria which plague the youths and marginalized women of Wakiso district in Uganda. The project objectives include among others; increasing our capacity to support the community, poverty reduction, ensure our long term viability, and strengthen our partnerships with the community.

The projects mission is to assist youth, disadvantaged and marginalized women/people by providing services that equip them with vocational skills and knowledge.

The project is targeting a group of youth and marginalized women aged 15 to 35 years. Its core values include client focused supports the development of people’s skills by furthering their potentials, embracing the value of community and delivers high quality services.

The organization sets out to accomplish its mission by equipping the youth and marginalized women with skills to succeed in the information age. TFU believes that economic development and human welfare are sustainable through increased knowledge and literacy, self-reliance and empowerment. Therefore, TFUSDC’s project provides the tools, resources, training and venue which allow these vulnerable segments of society to take control of their lives and work towards a brighter future.

The TFUSDC’s objective and vision is to see development in our impoverished community through sustainable means. The organization has identified several projects to enable it carry out its objectives. The identified projects include tailoring, carpentry, hairdressing and computer training. The organization also believes that despite the challenges, people have diverse talents and can achieve their objectives and economic independence through skills training.

It is the organization’s belief that if these skills are imparted to the locals, it will help them sustain their livelihoods. TFU has implemented the tailoring project and we also have the intend to start a carpentry, hair dressing and computer training project as soon as we have enough space and resources.

TFU has been partnering with well-wishers and other organizations to help facilitate its programs.in view of this, TFU received donation of tailoring and carpentry tools from TWAM. These were for the establishment of skills training center for the local community. The launch started this year in January 2017 and per now we are having students in tailoring class. The performance of these students has been quite favorable as they can now produce outputs like shirts, uniforms, skirts and dresses of different fashions. As a result, most students plan to take examinations at the end of the course and also plan to have their own workshops after the course.

Youths Testifying

The project has been beneficial to the students and community as whole as they  say out below;

Namatovu Sonia

A  beneficiary at trust future skills development center Uganda. I have gained a lot of skills and I can now look after my daughter and my aunt. We no longer miss food at home and I no longer buy clothes for my daughter because I make them by myself at trust future skills development project. I thank trust future Uganda for considering me regardless of my background and I wish to train more youths like me so that they can change the community.

Nakitende mable

I am a beneficiary at trust future skills development center. I have gained a lot of skills which include making dresses of different fashions, skirts of different fashions shirts and shorts plus school uniforms. I believe in my future I will be a good tailor. After this short course, I will be able to start up my tailoring workshop from the small money I make from trust future as now I make peoples clothes using the organization machines and I get money to look after my little sister and myself. I have a plan of buying my own machines to help other people to know how to do tailoring so that they can also get money to improve on their lives like me. Now I can provide scholastic materials to my little sister as my mother is paying her school fees. In future I have a plan to build up a flat to my mother if God wishes. Thanks to trust future Uganda for this project.

Nabawanuka Francisca Aisha

My name and I am student at trust future skills development center. I have gained a lot skills at this center where I can now make skirts and dresses of different fashions, cuasal shirts and school uniforms.i can do drafting, trimming and tailoring. In few months I am planning to set up my own workshop since this is a practical course and I will help my family as attimes now I can buy few thing like food at home and I also satisfy my few demends as a girl than being used by men to get money. This has hepled me inprove on my status and after setting up my own workshop, I hope to help more my family and also help those in need of help.

Nabitejja Norah

A student at trust future Uganda skills development center. This is a good skills center where I have learnt a lot of skills in tailoring and per now I can make dresses and skirts of different fashions, shirts and school uniforms. After here I have a plan startup my own workshop where will get money and support myself and my family by providing them with thing like food, clothes, scholastic materials to my little sister and school fees among others

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