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Sustainability Initiatives

Here at Trust Future Uganda, we focus energy and resources on helping people do more than simply subsist on charity. In fact, our highest goal is to help the our people become working, viable members of society, and create sustainable improvements in their living conditions.

Creation of vegetable gardens as away of food production both at the site and in the community.

We are committed to demonstrating that providing aid can and should be an evolutionary process.

The evolutionary process of helping the impoverished people in our community consists of giving relief, helping them to recover, and then assisting them to develop toward self-sustainability.

The highest form of helping people is to help them develop their own full potential for creating a sustainable improvement in their living conditions.

TFU’s model relies upon three interdependent elements working together to promote self-sufficiency in order to break the cycle of poverty.

All three sustainability projects currently being implemented are listed below. Please click on the images below for more details

Provides high-quality vegetable seeds for local people and reforestation projects throughout our community to help prevent soil erosion.

A unique social enterprise model that is established as a project for gaining self-sustainability and dignity through enterprise.

This project is focused on bringing hope to our beneficiaries by equiping them with skills in tailoring, knitting and sewing enabling them uplifts their standards.

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