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Edible Plant Nursery and Gardens

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Why Fruit Tree Farming is important…?

Increases food security.

Through the plant nursery, Trust Future Uganda teaches families about new fruit tree varieties to improve their daily diets.

Helps curb soil erosion.

Fruit trees provide leaf canopies that help reduce the force of strong winds and during heavy rains. When the leaves fall on the ground, they form a protective blanket over the soil.

Creates jobs.

While most agricultural crops are seasonal, fruit trees grow all year. This helps beneficiaries to achieve year-round income from harvests, as well as provide sufficient and nutritious food.

Helping Ugandans learn how to improve their own food supply through effective agricultural practices.

As part of the Agriculture improvement, the Edible Plant Nursery promotes plant selection and propagation, along with other growing methods to improve quality and size of yields, as well as extending harvest seasons.

Like all sustainability outreach projects from Trust Future Uganda, the Edible Plant Nursery empowers Ugandans to help themselves through teaching and demonstration.

Through  seed supplies, in partnership with farmers, we are planning to bless gardeners with over 100 packets of quality seeds. We will also make plants available from our nursery for families to home gardens.

With newly adopted methods for variety selection, species diversity and using grafted trees, families can increase food security and even start a sustainable business.

Passion fruits (Buntunda).
Jack Fruit (Ffene)
Oranges (Michungwa)
Mangoes (Miyembe)
Pawpaw (Ppapali)

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