What we have accomplished together in 2017

Transforming lives in our community and Uganda at large.

Making an impact in the lives of poor people living in our community of Nabweru has been the ministry of Trust Future Uganda (TFU). We are pleased to share with you just a few of the ways in which the many outreaches of TFU have changed lives for children and families during 2017.

    "Love is something you do"

  • More than 86, 000 meals served in the year 2017.
  • Working with more than 30 individual sponsors to provide support to the Orphans and widows in the programs of Trust Future Uganda.
  • We openned up a tailoring project where we later graduated 10 youths after a six (6) months period of training.
  • Provided education to over one hundred and sixty (160) children in our Trust Future Primary School where we also equiped the most vulnerable children and Orphans with scholastic materials like books, pens, a school uniform and many others.
  • Two (2) mobile medical tents conducted and four (7) menstrual hygiene sessions conducted where we distributed more than 650 re-usable Sanitary Pads to the young girls who where finding difficulties in handling the cycles.
  • We organised a volunteer week from 5th to 16th of October where we appreciated our previous and current volunteers, sponsors and donors and in doing this we further widen our community of viewers on the social medias.
  • Fifteen (15)  more children were chosen from our sponsor a child photo album.
  • Seven (7) children restored back to families and some fostered after being rehabilitated from our TFU center.
  • six (6) packages were received of which 3 contained gifts to every kid living in the Trust Future Uganda Orphan care program.
  • Five (5) house holds were improved their well being through our physcho- social support and the chicken farm project.
  • More people were preached to the true gospel of Jesus Christ and some accepted Christ Jesus as their personal Lord and saviour through our outreaches and actions of love we carried out in 2017.

Together, with all of you, our donors, sponsors, and partners, we are transforming lives through education, health care, nutrition, and love!

Please consider a year-start gift to help continue making a meaningful impact in this community. Thank you and may God bless you.

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