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Volunteering is rewarding and appealing. You will not only gain valuable experience but also help us to extend the impact of Trust Future Uganda and to fulfill our mission. You can help us grow and prosper by sharing your talents.

Join fellow volunteers and lend a hand, explore a host country, build global friendships and make a difference.  Download   our Volunteer  Application  , fill it and there after send it to  volunteer@trustfutureuganda.org

We can offer voluntary work in a broad range of fields. Here are some of the volunteering functions:

Spiritual Uplifting; To nurture a God fearing next generation who will serve in the Kingdom of the Lord.  we need to teach our people the true Gospel of Christ Jesus. One can volunteer as a  missionary of the gospel  here at Trust Future Uganda.


 Management: accountancy and finance of the projects, prioritize NGO’s needs - Project management: planning, implementation, monitoring, defining budget and evaluation, finding new sources of sustainability.

 Research work: qualitative and quantitative research about our beneficiaries (disadvantaged women, youth and children) regarding to living conditions, health, income, nutrition, accommodation, etc.

Field work: social work in the communities, meetings and interactions with our beneficiaries (advices and prevention), guidance and psychological support.

 Journalism: in order to create awareness among the social network, you will collect and write short interviews and positive stories of Trust Future’s members – either staff, or beneficiaries (Humans of Trust Future).

 Marketing / communication: strategic marketing and operational, promotion of the projects, creation of promotional supports (video, brochure, flyers, business card, …), promotion of volunteering (through also voluntourism) and internship, writing job description of volunteering opportunities, finding international market for Women empowerment’s craft products, etc.

 EMarketing: interactions with the web users on social networks (i.e. Facebook) and the website (update and writing)

 Public Relations(partnership-building): with the objective of recruiting new volunteers/internships and collecting supports, you will be looking for international partnerships with High School (social workers, teachers), Secondary School, foundations, companies (Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), etc., - search of local partners (building a strong network), - fundraising programme (writing fundraising proposals and implementation)

Teaching: in collaboration with the teaching staff, you will teach subjects such as English, Mathematics, Sciences, Geography, Physical Education, Art (drawing and painting) or any other relevant subject (i.e. foreign languages, computer skills).

Photography / Video: in order to create awareness about Ugandan living conditions and culture, you can capture pictures or videos of Trust Future’s environment (community) or members (staff, beneficiaries).

Computer Informatic Skills: updating of the website, document development and graphic designing.

Volunteer Testmonials

Riina Sinkko ----- Finland

I have been a volunteer at Trust Future Uganda since the beginning of July 2014 until the end of July 2015 so all in all 13 months. I decided to volunteer because I felt like I want to do something sincerely for other people. I felt like the world I was living in was often too focused on individuals and achieving one’s own goals. I wanted to break out of that and teach myself how to work for someone without getting paid or getting something directly to myself. I wanted to open my perspectives and challenge myself to do something I had never done before. The decision to volunteer offered me a unique chance to learn to know a new and totally different culture from the one I had grown up in and above all an opportunity to learn how to live in it.

Charlotte du Plessix ----- Belgium

I spend 3 months in a primary school in Nabweru, TFU, near to the big city of Kampala!:) That was a nice experience, I learned how to teach to young kids, how to animate them,… I shared great time with them, with their teachers, … We even danced all together too... That was really funny!

I start to appreciate the music that they all were listening… Even to a point where I shout and applause for “Bebe cool”! That was for me, a great social and human experience who stop quickly and the return was a little bit shocking I think, even more because it was in winter but anyway this was a really good experience!

Jean Nita ----- France

I really loved to be in contact with children in the school and also like Ugandan people. There is a huge difference between children in Europe and children here in Uganda. They are curious, listening, clever and respectful. And they are also able to share to each other.

I was supposed to teach art. But I wanted to do something for the school in a long term. Because if I teach art, of course it will be nice, but one time, children will leave the school.  So we decided to build a garden to try to make themselves self sufficient. I hope it will work.

Anna Lipphardt ------ Germany

I’ve been volunteering at TFU from 10th October 2013 to 17th June 2014. At that time I was 20 years old and I just had finished school. I spent 9 months in Uganda and it was the first time I have been abroad for such a long period of time. It was an exceptional and incredible experience for me to spend some time abroad and support Trust Future Uganda. I got to know so many kind and powerful people. Furthermore I have learned so much about the Ugandan culture and had the chance to discover a lot of the impressive and magnificent nature all over the country. All the members of TFU which made me become a part of their “family” are doing a great job and are highly motivated to improve the everyday life of children, the youth and women in Nabweru and the surrounding areas.

Amara Gordi ------ Spain

I It's only been a few weeks since I started volunteering with Trust Future Uganda, but it has been so far an amazing and rewarding experience. Even though most of my work has taken place in the office, I have had the opportunity to meet the children and play with them during breaks. The kids are curious and enthusiastic, as any child should!

The teachers and the rest of the staff have been welcoming and loving since the very beginning, as a proof of the natural kindness of Ugandans. They are also passionate and work so hard to accomplish everything they can to help the boys and girls in the school and the community...

I can only be grateful for the opportunity I have been given and the luck I had with my colleagues in TFU!

Ellie Lee ------ South Korea

I’m Ellie from South Korea. I’ve been volunteering with TFU for 3 weeks. Ya, it is not a long period, yet I’ve learnt a lot during my short stay in here.. By the way to give you a brief introduction on myself, I’m a final year undergraduate student in UK who always wonder about the world out of the textbook. Before making my decision to come here, a security issue was my main concern above all and I’m sure that most of you might be hesitating because of this issue. However, upon my arrival, I haven’t faced with any danger or threat so far. I think this is due to the effort made by TFU’s staffs and my homestay family. The staffs in Trust future Uganda are nice and so supportive in that they are there whenever you need help.  I feel safe and comfortable as I can see that they are trying their best to guarantee my safety and happy stay in Uganda. Also, I really love my Ugandan family. I’m staying with the local family here. Especially I’m enjoying my evening tea time with them. We share our ideas on certain topic, discuss the Ugandan politics which is my interested field. They are lovely, kind and tolerant.

To sum up, I’m learning how to love, how to share and how to use my knowledge for others. I’m so happy that I made such a great decision to come here and having this valuable time to work with these wonderful people and the children. If you are hesitating to come, just give it a shot. You will experience more than you thought. Cheers to future volunteers. Best wishes, Ellie.

please email us at volunteer@trustfutureuganda.org  for a testmonial about a volunteer from your country

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