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Sponsor A Child at Trust Future

Trust Future Uganda brings hope to over 150 children in our school through our Child Education Program. Each day these children are provided a Christian education in a caring, loving environment, and fed a hot, nutritious meal.

Many children are waiting for sponsors, and they cannot go to school without your help! More importantly, sponsorship shows these children that someone loves them and cares about their future.

You can be a part of helping a child thrive, please email sponsor@trustfutureuganda.org



- Provision of essential education to children through our small school we are running.

- Delivering food to children if it is deemed necessary.

- Accommodating children on site if applicable.

- Monitoring the children’s growth as they progress through the program.


There  are many children here waiting for sponsors, please prayerfully consider sposoring  a child for it will be a blessing to see their joy restored.


To maintain and expand this service of free classes and accommodation for the most vulnerable children of this group, we are dependent on donations. Any donations will be directly used to improve the housing conditions and to provide food as well as school materials and uniforms. By educating these children we equip them with the knowledge they need to proceed to further education on completion of their primary education,  with the skills to carry out income generating activities in their future and knowing Christ as the key to open for them doors. In this way we promote sustainable living among the target groups which benefits the community.

Sponsor a Child Procedure

You can choose a child to sponsor from the album below and we will then send you an information card about the child with photo. Of course you will then also receive regular updates about the child and we encourage the children to write and draw to you as well.

Name of Child or Children

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