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Land Campaign

Help us purchase land for Trust Future Uganda.

For more than 7 years now we have been renting the place where we are working from. It’s in this place where we have the small school which educates over 180 orphans and vulnerable kids, accommodate some of the orphan kids if we find it necessary and it’s also the very place where  the women and youth we are empowering do their work from. We are spending a lot of money on rent each month and the number of children in the program has increased which pushes us to getting a bigger place to accommodate them. The women and youth groups have also grown to a capacity which needs us to get a bigger place where we can teach them skills. When it comes to sustainability and to be able to help our selves we will need to start a bigger food garden which will support us with greater food production and a bigger chicken farm which can serve as an income generating activity for Trust Future Uganda. To solve all these problems, we are stepping out in faith to purchase 3 acres of land or more to be able solve the issue of monthly rent and also implement the sustainability plans mentioned above. More importantly, we will be able to help more people and be sure of a permanent home for Trust Future Uganda Ministry where no Land Lord will rise up one day and ask us to evict.

For some one to volunteer with Trust Future Uganda, he or she has to incur a lot of money and also pay for accommodation. We are hoping that when we purchase our own land we will be able to build volunteer accommodations to ease volunteering at Trust Future Uganda.

Friends, family and supporters, we need your support to raise the funds and create a lovely home for the kids and the ministry as a whole. Yes, it’s a lot of money but I know if we join up the strength in the little we can, we will change this story and achieve the plan. You too can be part of the cause and help us build this new home. You can choose to pledge any amount via our email sponsor@trustfutureuganda.org, you can also send us funds using one of the methods below or you can continuously keep sharing this page with friends, workmates or family members.         

   “My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.”

ISAIAH 32:18

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