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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can volunteer?

Anyone with an open mind, an adventurous spirit and a caring soul can volunteer with TFU - singles and couples as well as families, adolescents as well as adults. We have had volunteers range in age from 18 to 50 years and their backgrounds have been as different as their age. No specific skills or training is required. We would like to emphasize that the most important requirement is motivation. If you want to volunteer with our organization, you should be an open-minded and flexible person who is willing to work independently. Even if we try to find convenient tasks for you, tasks change sometimes because of their suitability and importance for our organization. What you can achieve depends on your commitment and motivation. If you have physical limitations, you can work according to your ability.

It is not only what you can do and how fast you can do it but also about being part of the process. As part of a team, you can have lots of fun and create fantastic memories.

How long can I go for?

As part o a short term experience, you can volunteer for 1-6 months. You can also stay for more than 6 months as part of long-term volunteering. There are no limitations from our side.

You can directly assist our host communities as you work side by side with local people and community members to improve their own live and build a sustainable future. You become part of a service based grass roots movement and a growing community of active global citizens.

We recommend spending extra time after your volunteer experience to tour some of the incredible sites in Uganda.


What will I be doing and for how long will I work everyday?

You will work for 6 hours however you can opt to go beyond or work for less and fully participate in TFU project programs and volunteer on projects that focus on;

-Education training and livelihood centers for Children and youth.

- Food and water security.

- Spiritual Uplifting.

- Home and community building.


Where will I stay and what will I eat?

We will help you finding accommodation by choosing a reliable host family or organizing an appropriate room in a guesthouse. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on our project site.


How much does it cost?

Due to the limited resources of our organization you have to carry the costs for your voluntary service including your flight and your health insurance as well as medical treatment or any other insurance. We will help you find an appropriate accommodation for a small price. We will take care of you and provide you with an orientation and social support when needed. Please consider also costs for your food, drinking water and your transport apart from the transport during your working hours.

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