Trust Future Uganda (TFU) is a non profit humanitarian organization in Uganda, with registration number S.5914/8905 helping vulnerable children, orphans, street children and also empower unemployed youths and widows with skills.

Our team ministers to the poorest of the poor in our community and work to spread the Word of God, showing Christ’s love by example.


Our Mission

Our mandate is to empower vulnerable children, the youth and marginalized women in Uganda.


Our Vision

Our vision is to offer a brighter future to the orphan children, youths and disadvantaged women living in Uganda.



With the aim of being a regional community service center offering quality services to the community of Wakiso District, all our community based projects aim to fulfill the following objectives:


-To preach the gospel of Christ and the truth about the true almighty God.


-To alleviate poverty by equipping the vulnerable children, the youth and disadvantaged women with necessary vocational knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable income generating activities.


-To increase awareness on the general health, well being and proper nutrition To prevent diseases like HIV/AIDS, Malaria etc by running disease control programs.


-To promote and improve natural and acquired skills for community and organizational development.


-To nurture well-behaved, socially, morally, spiritually and academically upright children who will be involved in a positive change of our society.


-To increase awareness on sexual reproductive health among the youth by promoting a healthy living.


- To establish a youth /children’s centre to offer library, recreational services, secretarial services and computer training.

Watch our kids participating in a dialogue about volunteers.

About Trust Future Uganda

Our Programs




Orphan Care


With the help of our partners, Sponsors and volunteers, we attend to the most vital and seemingly basic of needs. We also establish prayer cells and chapels, empower disadvantaged women and youths. And, perhaps our most exciting work is the Food for Life sustainability programs that will ultimately empower the people in our community to earn a living wage and break the cycle of poverty.

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